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Update: My former oven (AKA steel work shop building ) is now air conditioned.  Guess where I'll spend my summer. Oh...and I have a spa out back too.

Another update: I added three more lots to the South.  Plan to build Koi pond with fountain or water fall. Did already install a 6ft privace fence across the added lots.

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Mind of a Liberal

Alien Friends

The amount of stuff you own will always expand to consume slightly more space than you have in which to keep it.

~Paul Kruger

Quality LED flashlights

Real Life

What pays the rent and fuels the hobbies.


My real life work right now is as a webmaster.  I own a small web design and hosting company which I have operated since 1995.

If anyone needs a web site let me know.  Mention this site for a 10% discount.

I also sell promotional novelties and business cards and forms etc.

Also wholesale LED lighting products.

http://www.stuffdone.com   -  http://www.costlessled.com

386-202-4510 / 305-252-5023

CNC Resources


Hobby CNC  http://www.hobbycnc.com/

Free Software

A few may be trial versions...check. wink

This is a list for various software programs considered useful for the DIY enthusiast.

This includes such things as CAD/CAM, 2D, 3D programs. Programming software, calculators, converters and just about anything that might me remotely useful.

Drawing/Photo editing:

CAD / CAM / 3D:

Conversions and Calculators:

Online Tools:

Test and Measurement:



I am posting these links for your inspection. I do not sell or otherwise provide any of these resources and accept no liability for your use of anything you find here.