Starting to get something done finally!
OLD NEWS: So far I have not experimented with Arduino yet.  I just received two books from Amazon on the subject as a starting point and ordered my first board.  Since I have been dabling in electronics for many decades I have a lot of components and breadboards and a Lamda dual regulated bench supply as well as DMM etc.  Arduino will help me do with software what I used to do with time-consuming physical tweaking of circuits.

First Practicle Project: Open my gate so I don't get wet when it rains !

My first idea is to build a fan that will move. One that will detect my position and aim the stream of air wherever I move, turn itself on when I enter and turn off after I have been gone for awhile. .  Seems a static fan is always blowing where I am not.  An oscillating fan is only right twice per cycle.  Why can't a fan know where I am and move to and follow me?  Arduino the answer? ( Could also apply to a work light ! )

More than one person in the room?  Tough luck. I may use an IR sensor and wear a small IR led for the fan to follow smiley

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