Gate Controls / Arduino

I found a treasure at the scrap yard for $5,  A MightyMule gate opener #350. Control board roached but mechanically works great after come cleanup and oil.

Building a control board using an Arduino Uno board. Lots of great help on the forum !

Here are some images of the project so far.

Here is the pinout for the BOARD !


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My Fans should follow me everywhere !

Did you ever feel like you were just not getting enough out of your table fan?

If you set it to aim one spot and you move about it is not blowing on you. If you set it to oscillate it is only blowing on you twice in each cycle.  Don't you just hate that?

Why not a fan that knows when you move and turns to keep that cool air blowing your way?

I think my first Arduino project will be to solve this.  Below is what I have in mind.  Any constructive feedback is always appreciated.


The mechanics should be pretty simple. A lazy susan, perhaps even store bought if it can be modified. Add a stepper motor to turn it, a few IR sensors and, of course, Arduino to make it work.  I would also make a small IR blinking light that would just clip to my clothing to create the "target" for the platform to aim at.  Set any suitable table fan on the platform.

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Starting to get something done finally!
OLD NEWS: So far I have not experimented with Arduino yet.  I just received two books from Amazon on the subject as a starting point and ordered my first board.  Since I have been dabling in electronics for many decades I have a lot of components and breadboards and a Lamda dual regulated bench supply as well as DMM etc.  Arduino will help me do with software what I used to do with time-consuming physical tweaking of circuits.

First Practicle Project: Open my gate so I don't get wet when it rains !

My first idea is to build a fan that will move. One that will detect my position and aim the stream of air wherever I move, turn itself on when I enter and turn off after I have been gone for awhile. .  Seems a static fan is always blowing where I am not.  An oscillating fan is only right twice per cycle.  Why can't a fan know where I am and move to and follow me?  Arduino the answer? ( Could also apply to a work light ! )

More than one person in the room?  Tough luck. I may use an IR sensor and wear a small IR led for the fan to follow smiley

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