my mind many decades ago. Nothing much ever happened.

PUT ON HOLD in favor of other projects!

Recently I rekindled my interest when I ran across a bargain I could not turn down.  A Kohler engine in a deceased Hobart welder.  A CH20, 22 HP V-Twin with electric start.

The main ingredient around which I can now start to plan construction.


Engine Update, June 9, 2013:

I bought a Bombardier SeaDoo with a Rotax 787 engine. It is not currently running but for only $50. It would give me ~ 100HP for about the same weight as the above Kohler engine.  Since manuals for the SeaDoo and for the Rotax engine are available ( I have downloaded them already ) it will be easier to work with.

I like Rotax engines and this one has easy to connect to cooling lines so adding a radiator should not be that hard.  All of these would be more complicated than the air cooled Kohler but offer 5 times the horse power !  I need to decide about exhaust because the stock is tuned pipe with water cooling.  Obviously it will not be in an enclosed space any more so probably could omit colling an exhaust if an alternate can be found and used.  Thinking one from a snow mobile using same engine if will work.

Any thoughts welcome.


PDF details. CLICK

NOTES: ( As I find things )

  • This guy has a nice idea...I may just use it!  Propulsion as a removable "pod". Don't see why it would not work on full scale.



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