Laser Gatling Gun.

This is a project waiting on my whim to dive into.

The idea is for entertainment and consists of three ( RGB ) laser modules mounted on a rotating disk. As the disk spins via a small motor, each laser beam is permitted to shine through a small window in the external housing.  This will result in alternating beans of Red, Green and Blue exiting the same window.  It's "rate of fire" can be controlled by varying the RPM of the motor spinning the device.

The shaft would be common ground and a simple piece of brass tube, insulated by heat shrink, would fit over the shaft. Two brass brushes would transmit power to all diodes at the same time to simplify wiring.

The image below shoule be self explanitory.  I offered three sugested methods for rotating the disk.


If someone likes this and builds it please send me a photo of your creation and I will post it here.  Thanks


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