Laser Light Show

I have recently completed my RGB laser projector, driven by a RIYA USB-DAC. 

Now to learn how to use it to good effect!

Since this is a hobby project with no intent to do professional shows I did it all as cheap as I could.

I started with Chinese bits and pieces because, well let's face it, no one here makes this least not at a price someone relying on Social Security and a small web business can afford.

500mw RGB module. ~$130 works pretty good. Nice white laser with no modulation.

20 khz scanners with show card,  ~$90, Seems to do the trick.

12V / 2 A  open frame power supply for laser ~12.00

I very nice case from OSW ( Free! )

Misc from my assortment of stuff such as key switch, power cord and socket, mic jack for DMX which I may never use and so on.

Watch for photos in gallery soon.


RIYA Lasers, USB to ILDA Dongle