Levels of Advanced Species.

Humans are self centered and we are sometimes our own worst enemy when it comes to advancing as a species. As long as we believe we are alone, we will believe ourselves superior.

Dr. Kaku postulated three levels of achievement for a civilization. Level one is able to tap the resources of a planet, type two, of a star and type three of a galaxy.

He places the human species at 0.7 without any indication as to our advancement beyond our present position. I think that we humans are standing in our own way.

Dr. Kaku's assessment as stated on TV may not include all of his thinking on this because it seems obvious to me that technology is but one aspect of the level to which any species can attain.

In order for a species to reach any technological level as postulated, there must be a parallel advancement in that species social structure.

It is often social factors standing in the way of technology. Look back and ask Copernicus or Galileo about the reception they received for their advanced discoveries. Leonardo da Vinci proved the power of human intellect to envision advanced technology as far back as the 15th century.

Ancient Rome had running water, indoor toilets, taxi's with meters, multistory buildings, food delivery and so on. We lost much of that for centuries. Often due to social, political and religious reasons we seem to take one step forward and two back. Had the human species been able, from early times, to avoid bigotry, the dark ages, religious inspired ignorance etc. we may now be level one.

Below level one ( we humans ) society is fragmented by economic, political, ethnic, religious and ideological barriers. Progress in the direction of universal acceptance of scientific principles is often hindered by any one of the above.

As a sub-level one society, part of that position by definition, means we are resource limited by our own lack of technology. At the same time we strive for a superior understanding and utilization of our resources, we squander many precious resources pursuing political, economic and ideological objectives for our own selfish profit and power motives.

The cost to our future technological solutions to problems often takes a back seat to the pursuit of personal wealth, arms, espionage, false patriotism and propaganda.

In order for a civilization to reach level one, I believe certain social criteria are necessary.

There will be no separate nations. There must be a single system to govern the affairs of the entire planet and to tend to a common economy and welfare and to resolve common problems. Being able to harness the cooperation of all members of the society should be considered a resource necessary to reach level one.

Religion will either be dismissed or consolidated. If a civilization wishes to retain the notion of a deity or other form of spirituality, they must all unite behind one ideology and that ideology must embrace technology.

There can be no separation of race or ethnicity. As long as some humans view themselves as different from others, there will be conflict that undermines our collective cooperation. ( When compared with the diversity of species on a cosmological scale our petty definitions of race will seem childish. )

Resources will be more equitably shared. While there is no reason some people cannot be wealthier that others, our current system of tying up vast financial resources into the private hands of a relatively few individuals will have been eliminated. Money or any system of trade will require resources be available to fund technology and not allowed to accumulate in a vault doing nothing. Owning money for the sake of owning it will have become an obsolete concept.


Level two would assume the above has been accomplished for a sufficient time to pursue technological solutions to our problems without the distraction of conflict.

We would have mastered our own planet and have access to the necessary resources and technology to reach near by planets and to mine the asteroids for minerals. We will here may have Terra formed Mars and have cities and farms there. We will have mastered fusion for energy and element production and perhaps, be well on the way to conquering anti-matter. We will have access to the resources of our entire solar system including tapping energy from the sun. We will no longer “burn” stuff for energy.


Dr. Kaku's definition probably fits to a tee by the time a society arrives at this level. Long gone would be conflict over resources or social conventions. Being able to explore the galaxy, perhaps even other galaxies, means that society has met, formed alliances and friendships with perhaps tens of thousands, even millions of other diverse advanced societies. There is no notion of superiority. The accumulated and shared knowledge and technology assures limitless access to resources. ( They may even have a rule against associating with any species below level 2 ! )

Having a virtually unlimited supply of resources and energy, there is no jealousy of other civilizations. There is no need to have conflict because any civilization who may not agree with the others have light years of space in which to enjoy their seclusion, should they so desire.

Only a species programmed, for what ever reasons, to desire conquest, would pose a minimal danger. There would be no reason other than a violent ideology for any species at this level to seek to do harm to others. They will have know for many millennium that their own continued existence has relied on not killing themselves off over inconsequential matters of nationality or religion. I would think that this mode of self-preservation would make the idea of aggression an aberration, not routine among this level of civilization. The likely hood is that such a civilization would not survive it's own aggression to reach level 3.

In a galaxy of peaceful Level 3's, any surviving species bent on aggression would likely stand little chance to succeed and would be bent to the peaceful will of the others or find themselves quarantined.


Paul C. Kruger