Der' Woods Buggy

This weekend I put most of the finishing touches on my tractor/woods buggy.  Photos in Gallery

However!  Ran into a slight problem when pulling a drag to clear hiking path in woods.  Drive belt from engine to jack shaft smoked itself.  Going to chain drive for the first stage.

Dec 2014: Drive updated to chain drive first stage. Had a few issues with set screws but seem to have that solved.

But BOY does this thing pull!  I used to pull the drag with my 12 HP garden tractor ( off the shelf ) and it would do it but you could tell it had a load on behind.  This modified beast pulls that heavy drag at idle and you cannot even feel it work!

Update:  Pulling is a problem on carpet of pine needles due to the turf tires.  Need to find tires with more traction. The tires I need are made for ATV and will fit same rims...but due to cost that is low priority now.

[SOLVED]  friend sold me a pair of new ATV tires mounted on my rims for $30 each. Now it looks and pulls like a real tractor!

It is NOT a racing tractor modification as it is still a tractor minus the ability to mow.  I modified it to have something to "stand in" for legs that don't work as well as they used to so I could explore the man, many acres of woods behind my home.

It started with a Hobart gas welder/generator that did not work. But the Kohler CH20 engine worked fine.  I scrounged a used Craftsman lawn tractor, an older version of the GT-20.  6 Speeds.

Has an electric draw bar that can take accessories such as a dozer blade etc.  I got it without the engine cheap.

The original engine was a Kohler twin shaft with an electric clutch on the front for the mower deck. ( I got rid of the deck )  Problem is the engine I have, when mounted in such a way to use the original belt drive resulted in 6 speed REVERSE!  Shaft turns the wrong way.

I had to turn the engine 90 degrees and add a jack shaft, belt driven with a pulley and belt through the clutch to the transmission.  Works great except the burned upper belt under heavy load.

Did I mention it now has red/blue strobes and a siren just because I could?

Dec 2014:

  • Added some bling.  A BMW emblem ( I used to have a BMW motorcycle ) and a little gold angel hood ornament.
  • Found a complete plow in salvage yard for scrap metal price ($25). My original intent for the tractor has added a functional dimension.  Plow had a rake component I removed but will probably made into a rake attachment for this tractor later. I can now plow trails and have used it to level the dirt road in front of my house. Photo in gallery.

Woods Buggy Part Deux.

December, 2014

Now that this project is pretty much done I decided it was fun. I am back to wanting something that would server the sole purpose of exploring more than my legs will (want) to take me. Same scrap yard had a nice Lawn Boy chasis with everything but the engine. $75 scrap price.  They cut the mower deck off so I would only pay for the part I wanted.

Being green it already has a name. Kermit.  Minus the deck it makes for a really nice, not very wide, tight turning off-road gokart!

I found a pressure washer with blown pump for $40 for a nice B&S 6 HP engine which runs good.  This was pretty simple.  Buy a pulley, drill a few holes in deck for the motor and off and running. ( The cart for the pressure washer is very nice and has build in 4 fluid bottles so will probably move my old but reliable pressure washer engine and pump to the chassis and add an injector fitting.  I WILL get my money's worth out of this!

To Do:  I am keeping my eyes open for another engine for this machine, about 10 HP should be more than enough. Often find complete tractors in Craigslist for about $100-$125 so that is most likely my target.  I want to have electric start/alternator so I can add lights etc.  This engine does start very easy. I can sit in the seat, reach back and pull the rope to start so this is more about playing around than necessity.